Chimney Products Universal Chimney Cap/ Spark Arrestor

 * This universal cap fits any flue tile on any masonry chimney.
*18 gauge 5/8 (California Code) inch diamond mesh keeps sparks from exiting your chimney and keeps bees, birds and other critters out.
* 304 alloy steel
24 gauge stamped lid.
* Anchors from the inside preventing the top liner from breaking  
* Sizes include 13" square, 13"X20", 17" square and more.
* Comes in 3 choices: Powder Black, Stainless Steel and Copper.
* Powder Black comes with a 6 year warranty.
* Stainless Steel and copper caps come with a lifetime warranty!


Chimney Products Top Damper Kits

* Fits any Chimney Products universal cap/ spark arrestor
* Stainless steel and spring controlled
* 2 inch thick fiberglass rope gasket for airtight seal
* Stainless steel wire, conduit, bracket and chain handle never rust
* Handle bracket mounts easily in your firebox for easy access to open and close damper
* Comes with lifetime warranty!  

Universal Replacement Refractory Walls

* Comes in 3 different patterns: small brick pattern, large brick pattern ans herringbone.
* 1 1/8 inch thick with metal mesh built inside for extra strength.  
* Prefabricated, factory built & zero clearance chimney compatible!

Heat Reflectors

* 14 gauge 304 stainless steel doesn't rust
* Comes pre-stressed so it will not warp 
* Comes with legs to stand up properly in fireplace
* Plain stainless steel, powder black and wheat etch patterns are available.
* 5 different sizes also available. 
* Comes with 5 year warranty!


Fire Grates

* Powder black welded steel
* 3/4" and 5/8" bar stock
* Sizes include: 20", 27" & 30" width fronts


Smoke Guards

* 3 widths available: 4", 6" and 8"
* Adjusts from 28" to 48"
* 3 colors available: powder black, copper and brass

Indoor Ash Dump Doors

* 16 gauge stainless steel or power black designs
* Fits any 4"X8" ash pit opening
* Sizes include: 4"X8" 6"X10", 7"X10", 9"X12"


Outdoor Clean Out Door

* 14 gauge powder black stainless steel
* Sizes include: 8"X8" & 8"X10"


Damper Safety Stops

Speedy White Hearth & Stove Cleaner

* Removes smoke stains from stone and brick
* Also cleans stains from carpets and clothing.
* Removes creosote and grease


Anti Creo Soot Spray

* Non toxic and environmentally safe manganese solution
* Neutralizes 2nd stage creosote
* Reduces soot odor
* Helps prevent chimney fires 
* 1 Quart and 1 gallon bottles available 


Pre- Fab Caps

* Universal stainless steel cap for any pre fabricated chimney
* 9", 13" and 17" diameters available
* 304 and 316 alloy steel available
* 3/4" and 5/8" diamond mesh keeps out bees, birds and other critters
*Comes with a lifetime warranty!

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