Dryer Vent Cleaning in San Jose

Dryer Vent Services

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Dryer Vent Cleaning
* Cleaning your dryer vent is very important especially the more loads of laundry you do a week. Lint can build up causing your dryer to take longer to dry your clothes or potentially catch fire.
* Cleaning your dryer vent is a procedure of connecting multiple flexible rods together with a wire brush at one end and the other end is connected to a high speed drill to scrape away the lint that is built up in the dryer vent pipe.
* Cleaning the dryer vent can be a dusty job. We have special tools to catch the lint as we clean in order to minimize the amount of lint blowing away and making cleaning up more difficult.
* We also clean out the lint trap in the dryer as well as disconnecting the hose from the wall to the dryer itself to make sure no lint is remaining.

 Dryer Vent Safety Inspections
 * A dryer vent safety inspection involves checking many areas of the dryer for possible safety and troubleshooting problems.
* We check the velocity of the dryer in order to see if cleaning is required. If the velocity can be felt more than 18" away from the opening of the vent then your dryer does not need cleaning. If you are less than 12" away from the opening of the vent then your dryer needs to be cleaned soon.
* We check to see if the hose from the dryer to the wall is plastic or metal. Plastic hoses can become brittle and turn into a fire hazard. Aluminum foil hoses and aluminum rigid pipe are the safest to use.
* We check the integrity of the of the laundry pipe to make sure it is not disconnected so critters wont enter.
* We check the vent guard to see if everything is safe. Many people have 1/4" mesh screen covering the vent opening- that size mesh is too small and wont allow the lint to escape and can cause your dryer element to burn out and also cause the laundry pipe to clog up creating a possible fire hazard. 
* We also check to make sure the tape connecting the pipes and hoses is UL approved metal tape and not duct tape. Duct tape can dry rot and become brittle and that is a possible fire hazard concern.

Dryer Vent Hose Rerouting 
* Some people wish to have the dryer vent exiting at another part of the house for many different reasons.
* Rerouting involves closing up the previous dryer vent opening and creating a new one and moving the dryer vent pipe to the new opening.
* Every rerouting job is different and has its own sets of challenges causing the job estimate to go up possibly (more pipes may be required, stem walls may make rerouting more difficult etc.).
*We do not cut through asbestos siding. This must be prepped by a qualified company before rerouting.  

 Dryer Vent Repairs
* We are licensed to repair all your dryer vent needs.
* We repair disconnected or damages pipes under the house and damaged or insufficient hoses behind the dryer unit itself.

 Installation of Various Dryer Vent Products           
* We also sell various dryer vent products to better serve your dryer vent needs.